5 Ways to Improve Brain Health

In today’s competitive environment, you need every advantage you can get to achieve your goals and take your career or company to the next level. Have you ever wanted to sharpen your decision-making skills, increase productivity and/or have better focus? The good news is, you can! It all starts with understanding how your brain works and making better decisions. 

1. Meditate:

It has been proven that meditation benefits the brain by strengthening the frontal and parietal lobe. Meditation focuses our attention and being makes us aware of when our attention drifts, this actually helps to improve our focus even when we’re notmeditating.

2. Play Games:

Games that test reasoning are a fun way to keep your mind sharp. Consider these games: Crossword puzzles, board games, sudoku, trivia.  

3. Mind body exercises: 

Training your brain during physical exercise increases your mental clarity and has increased effects on your cognitive performance. Try incorporating hand-eye-coordination drills into you exercise routine to give your brain a boost. 

4. Learn a new skill:

Your brain is a creature of habit, it gets use to your routine and falls into the trap of not learning anything new until it is forced to. Learning a new skill helps to strengthen the connections in your brain and improves memory function.

5. Test your recall memory:

Memory function plays a major role in cognitive decline therefore keeping our memory intact by training it will assist in memory and cognitive function. For example: create a list such as a grocery list and memorize it, an hour later see how many items you can recall. 

Looking to sharpen your decision-making skills, increase productivity and/or have better focus? Learn more about Hudson Medical Brain Health Program:

Our skilled Brain Health team makes use of the most advanced techniques in integrative care to treat and properly diagnose a wide range of common and complex neurological conditions. Many diseases can be diagnosed even before signs and symptoms appear, and our goal is for early detection and
prevention as part of our care that can restore and preserve total overall health.

Our six-week 360 degree personalized program is tailored to optimize your brain, improve physical wellness and encourage purposeful living. Some of the goals of our program are:

  1. Maintain Focus
  2. Increase Productivity
  3. Decrease Anxiety
  4. Manage Stress
  5. Clear Brain Fog
  6. Improve Sleep
  7. Increase Motivation
  8. Improve Short + Long-Term Memory
  9. Overall Brain Upgrade

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