Neck Pain

Recurring or persistent discomfort between the base of the skull and the top of the shoulders. Neck pain may be caused by strain, injury, or chronic degenerative conditions.


Experiencing ongoing pain and wondering if you should see a doctor? Here are some symptoms to watch out for:
Severe pain
Tingling sensation in arms and hand
Aching pain
Reduced range of motion
Difficulty balancing
Weakness in arms or legs

Common Causes

Neck Pain Treatments

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy
PRP is an autologous blood-derived product that contains properties like growth factors and cytokines that restore damaged tissue.
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Chiropractic Care
Helps to manage aches and improve mobility with hands-on spinal manipulation and corrective adjustments.
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Thread-like needles are inserted into designated acupuncture points to promote changes in brain chemistry and improve blood circulation.
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Occipital Nerve Block
A nerve block is a procedure in which steroidal medication is injected into a group of nerves to block pain signals.
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Find the right neck pain treatment for you.

Our medical team can help you find the best treatment based on your medical history and current symptoms.