Tendon Injections

What are Tendon Injections?

A tendon injection is a medical procedure in which a steroid medication is injected into a tendon sheath to reduce inflammation and pain.

Common Conditions

An inflamed tendon that causes swelling, pain, and agitation. Often caused by overuse and injury. However, tendonitis may also stem from infections, arthritis, and, even, diabetes. 

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Tendons are the connective tissues that secure our muscles to our bones. Tendons give us the freedom of mobility, but their rope-like composition is highly susceptible to injury.

Repetitive movements, overuse, and aging can cause tendons to become inflamed—making any movement painful.

What are the Benefits?

  • Improves Mobility
  • Minimally-Invasive
  • Enhances Healing Process

Because the injections reduce tendon inflammation, most patients notice marked improvement in function and range of motion.

May Tendon injections are considered minimally-invasive because they don't require incisions or extended recovery windows.

The injections reduce inflammation and help to promote faster tissue repair.

Find out if a tendon injection is right for you

What to Expect

During Treatment

Tendon injections are typically quick and efficient outpatient procedures, typically lasting under 15 minutes.

Your doctor will use imaging technology to precisely guide the injection into the inflamed tendon.

After the Treatment

Following your procedure, you may experience some mild soreness around the injection site.

Though recovery following an injection is typically minimal, we recommend resting for a few days and avoiding strenuous exercise that could inflame the affected area further. Your doctor will offer more personalized resting guidelines based on the specifics of your tendon strain.

You may experience some relief immediately following your procedure, but it could take up to two weeks to feel the full effects.

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Common Questions

Will I experience any side effects?

The risk of adverse side effects is low. However, some patients do experience: temporary bruising, swelling, pain around the injection site, temporary blood sugar increase, temporary facial flushing, tendon weakening.

If the steroid wears off, can I receive a follow-up injection?

You may receive a follow-up injection if the effects wear off. Your doctor will evaluate whether a follow-up injection is the best option based on their examination of your progress.

Find out if a tendon injection is right for you

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