Head Pain

Pain from migraines, recurring headaches, and jaw dysfunction can derail daily activities with pain sometimes lasting up to 72 hours. Head pain impacts the entire body often causing nausea and heightened sensitivity. And in some cases, head pain actually originates from overlooked back and neck degeneration.


Wondering whether you should see a doctor following the first signs of pain? Here are some symptoms to watch out for:
Severe pain
Sensitivity to light and sound
Shooting pain

Common Cause of Head Pain

Potential treatments

Botox is a neurotoxin that can relax tense muscles and block pain-signaling neurotransmitters. When administered for pain management purposes Botox blocks specific neurotransmitters that cause muscles to contract, subsequently soothing muscle pain.
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Occipital Nerve Block
A nerve block is a steroidal medication injected into a group of nerves to block pain signals. The block may contain a local anesthetic to interrupt the transmission of pain signals and steroid medication to reduce inflammation surrounding the injured area.
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Acupuncture stimulates specific points near or on the surface of the skin (acupuncture points), which can alter biochemical and physiological conditions within the body.
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Find the right head pain treatment for you.

Our medical team can work with you to find the best treatment based on your medical history and current symptoms.