How Safe and Effective Are Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cell Exosomes?

A pilot study co-authored by Hudson Founder Dr. Jonathann Kuo reveals the safety and efficacy of stem cell exosomes for lumbar facet joint pain.

Dr. Kuo recently co-authored a pilot study assessing the efficacy of treating lumbar facet joint pain (lower back joint pain) with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell exosomes. 

You can explore the safety and efficacy results of this study here

Over the course of the 3-month study, 20 adults were injected with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell exosomes, and their progress was assessed via regular in-office and virtual check-ins. 

The pilot study found that  the injections did not spur adverse effects in the patient sample, indicating the safety of bone marrow-derived stem cell exosomes. 

Further, the group experienced significant progress across severity, interference, and disability indices. Here’s a breakdown of their average score improvements across each index:

(Oswetstry) Disability58.43%

The results of this pilot study are promising and Hudson and Dr. Kuo will continue to participate in groundbreaking research to further uncover the therapeutic power of exosomes. 

Congratulations to Dr. Kuo on this successful study. You can download the full results here.