Placental Matrix Therapy

What is Placental Matrix Therapy?

Placental Matrix therapy is a procedure that administers placental tissue as a replacement for damaged or missing connective tissue.

Here at Hudson, we have years of experience using this biologic in joints, tendons, nerves, and spinal discs for degenerative conditions.

How Does Placental Matrix Therapy Work?

This treatment replaces damaged connective tissue with an Extracellular Matrix (ECM) derived from a placental source.

The ECM is the interconnected system of collagens, growth factors, and bioactive molecules that provides the structural foundation for our body’s tissues and biochemical support to the surrounding cells.

Placental matrix products are composed of non-immunogenic, multi-potent stem cells that secrete paracrine-acting cytokines and growth factors. It’s also rich in ECM, which serves as an avascular scaffold for tissue development. When these factors are injected into tissue that has been damaged or degraded, they have been shown to rapidly promote healing and tissue regeneration.

What are the Benefits of Placental Matrix Therapy?

Because placental tissues are non-immunogenic, they do not typically activate immune responses in the recipient.

These tissues also resist the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria or mold. Anti-microbial properties greatly reduce the risk of disease after placental tissue has been administered.
Placental tissues are known anti-fibrotic materials, meaning fibrosis or scarring is not as likely to form around the placental tissue.

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Clinical Process

BMAC products are injected directly at the site of injury or can be injected intraosseously to stimulate cartilage growth.


A local anesthetic and light sedation is applied to ensure comfort throughout the Placental Matrix process. The overall procedure is minimally invasive


The placental matrix product is obtained from healthy donors and is stored in an -80º freezer until use. When a patient comes in for a placental matrix injection, we will dethaw the product and will inject it into the injury site (similar to PRP but the product is from a donor rather than from the patient)


The concentrated product is injected directly into the injury site.


There is minimal downtime following this procedure.

Find out if a Placental Matrix treatment is right for you.

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