What Are the Benefits of Stellate Ganglion Block Treatment?

SGB treatment offers a wide range of benefits for men and women with PTSD—especially those who have tried other treatments and therapies without success. Below are some of the many benefits of SGB for PTSD.

Resets the Body’s Fight-or-Flight Response

SGB treatment resets the brain and body’s fight-or-flight response to help patients achieve a sense of calm and relaxation similar to what they may have experienced before the traumatic event. Traditional PTSD treatments such as medications may temporarily mask symptoms and do not address the root cause of PTSD—meaning symptoms usually return upon discontinuation of the medication.

Delivers Quick Results

Patients usually start feeling the effects of SGB treatment within 30 minutes of receiving the injection, which immediately blocks signals from the body’s fight-or-flight response associated with PTSD. A majority of patients report feeling reduced anxiety right away after their appointments.

Addresses Related Symptoms and Conditions

Substance abuse, poor quality sleep, and poor cognition are a few of the many health conditions and symptoms that frequently stem from PTSD. SGB often has direct and indirect effects on a wide range of symptoms and conditions related to PTSD to help patients experience improved quality of life and well-being. Other conditions that can be successfully treated with SGB include depression, migraines, facial pain, and hot flashes.

Offers a High Success Rate

SGB treatment for PTSD is shown to have a higher success rate than other conventional treatments. For example, a study published in Pharmacy and Therapeutics showed that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are associated with an overall response rate of about 60% in patients with PTSD, but only 20% to 30% achieve complete remission. In contrast, a study published by the Department of Veterans Affairs showed that patients with PTSD who received SGB injections experienced rapid improvement in 70% to 75% of symptoms.

Produces Long-Lasting Results

SGB injections for PTSD deliver results that can last between several months and several years, though many patients experience relief for an average of six months. SGB treatments are also more convenient than medications, as patients can return to the clinic twice per year or less often, while medications must be taken every day and refilled once every one to three months.

Who Are Ideal Candidates for Stellate Ganglion Block For PTSD?

Ideal candidates for SGB for PTSD include anyone with a current PTSD diagnosis who experiences prominent hyperarousal or hypervigilant symptoms. Candidates must have already tried other evidence-based PTSD treatments without success, such as antidepressants, prolonged exposure therapy, cognitive processing therapy, or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. Candidates must also be receiving care from a mental health provider and be able to make medical decisions at the time of treatment.

SGB for PTSD is not covered by many health insurance plans at this time. We can provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company. We will also coordinate care with your mental health provider to ensure you receive the highest quality care and treatment.

If unsure whether you represent an ideal candidate for SGB injections for PTSD, make an appointment with one of our doctors at Hudson Medical. Our team at Hudson Medical has extensive experience with this unique and alternative treatment method.

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