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Is Berberine Really a Natural Substitute for Ozempic?

While interest in weight loss medications like Ozempic and Wegovy soared in 2023, health influencers and wellness enthusiasts on social media sought out other “more natural” ways to achieve the same lifestyle results—without any injections. Cue the induction of Berberine into TikTok. For a few months videos titled “Is Berberine nature’s Ozempic?” and “Everything you need […]

How can the peptide Sermorelin support healthy weight management?

Sermorelin is a growth hormone releasing peptide. Sermorelin peptide injections help to stimulate your pituitary gland into producing more Human Growth Hormones, which are essential to the upkeep of our bodies. In children, these hormones promote healthy bone and cartilage growth. In adults, human growth hormones help us to maintain healthy metabolisms.  As we approach […]

Beyond Weight Loss: Cravings on Ozempic

The Ozempic rush is not showing any signs of slowing down, and emerging anecdotal evidence indicates that its benefits may extend beyond blood sugar and weight management, with more users reporting a lack of desire to consume alcohol and other addictive substances. Originally manufactured as a drug to help diabetics manage blood sugar levels, Ozempic—and […]

Fact vs. Fiction: Breaking down the benefits and side effects of Ozempic

What really happens to you’re body when you take a GLP-1 medication like Ozempic? 2023 is the year of Ozempic. The FDA first approved Ozempic, a semaglutide medication from Novo Nordisk, back in 2017, but the drug went mainstream in 2022.1 And by April of 2023 it had reached household recognition status. The court of […]