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Growth Hormone- Releasing Peptides vs. Human Growth Hormones: What’s the Difference?

Human growth hormone-releasing peptides are rising in recognition and popularity. And although they sound similar there is a sharp distinction between this class of peptides and the synthetic human growth hormones that we have come to associate with doping scandals and shamed athletes.  What are growth hormones? Growth hormones are small proteins that our pituitary […]

Introducing Hudson’s State-of-the-Art Longevity Center

We’ve transformed your West Village practice to better support your future healthspan.  Our newly renovated space features state-of-the-art treatments that minimize your risk of developing chronic conditions and maximize your overall vitality. Our Longevity Center treatments include: DEXA Scan Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry  A full-body scan that measures your bone density, muscle:fat ratio, and overall […]

How can a body composition analysis help you manage a healthy weight?

A DEXA scan is a full-body scan that measures body composition. DEXA stands for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, and it works by emitting low-dose x-rays that absorb bone tissue and soft tissue to compile an accurate profile of your body’s compositions and density.  Patients use DEXA scans to assess their risk of osteoporosis, but it’s also […]

Fact vs. Fiction: Breaking Down the Biggest Ozempic Misconceptions

2023 is the year of Ozempic. The FDA first approved Ozempic, a semaglutide medication from Novo Nordisk, back in 2017, but the drug went mainstream in 2022.1 And by April of 2023 it had reached household recognition status. The court of public opinion regarding Semaglutide remains split, with one camp celebrating its potential to overall […]

This Is Your Brain On NAD+

NAD+ is everywhere. Everyone from podcasters to celebrities and, even, your coworkers are touting the benefits of NAD+ transfusions. As the popularity of NAD+ continues to climb across digital spheres—and IRL—the messaging around NAD+ could get murky, especially when it comes to conversations on how NAD+ and detoxification. To give you some clarity, we’re breaking […]

Don’t Waste Any More Time—Measure Your Longevity With NAD+ Testing

Want to really improve your longevity? Start by checking in on your cells—specifically, the NAD+ levels in your cells.   Biohacking searches are skyrocketing and more people are experimenting with fasting and immersion therapies to wind back their biological clocks. Though studies support the potentials of intermittent fasting and cold therapy to slow cellular aging and […]

Flu Season — Everything You Need to Know

Flu season is ramping up and experts are concerned it may be especially severe this year. For one, the southern hemisphere experienced a sharp increase in cases which may translate to an uptick in the northern hemisphere. Additionally, all of our masking over the past couple of winters may have weakened our immunity against influenza.  […]

Chronic Pain? Try Physical Therapy.

Staying active is an important factor in keeping pain away. Studies have shown that those who exercise greater than three times per week have 28% less chronic musculoskeletal complaints. At Hudson Wellness your Physical Therapist will carefully analyze your body and movement pattern and develop a custom treatment program. The custom program will work to […]