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Can Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGB) Treat Generalized Anxiety Symptoms?

A New study from Hudson Medical indicates the potential efficacy of Stellate Ganglion Blocks in treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Generalized Anxiety Disorders (GAD) are a category of anxiety disorders in which excessive, persistent, and unrealistic fear, worry, and feeling of being overwhelmed are accompanied by nonspecific physiological symptoms. This group of disorders may be a […]

Which Long-COVID Treatment is Right for You?

COVID-19 infection statistics are on the decline and the WHO president expects to officially declare the end of its pandemic classification in 2023. But, make no mistake, COVID-19 is still around and long COVID symptoms are still sidelining people. A July 2022 study published by the CDC showed that 1 in 5 Americans who had […]