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This Is Your Brain On NAD+

NAD+ is everywhere. Everyone from podcasters to celebrities and, even, your coworkers are touting the benefits of NAD+ transfusions. As the popularity of NAD+ continues to climb across digital spheres—and IRL—the messaging around NAD+ could get murky, especially when it comes to conversations on how NAD+ and detoxification. To give you some clarity, we’re breaking […]

How Common Are Long COVID and Brain Fog?

Many researchers are determined to pinpoint how common it is to experience lingering symptoms after a COVID-19 infection. Some have found that up to 76 percent of patients have at least one lingering COVID-19 symptom six months after their initial illness, according to a study published in The Lancet medical journal in January 2021. When […]

Staying Productive While Working from Home 

Tips to help you stay focused from Hudson Wellness Chiropractor Kaitlyn Clarke, DC, CNS.  Claim your home workspace: Set aside a dedicated space for you to work from, ideally free from distractions. If you don’t have this space, you will lose focus, end up working from your couch or off your coffee table. Sure this might […]