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Staying Productive While Working from Home 

Tips to help you stay focused from Hudson Wellness Chiropractor Kaitlyn Clarke, DC, CNS.  Claim your home workspace: Set aside a dedicated space for you to work from, ideally free from distractions. If you don’t have this space, you will lose focus, end up working from your couch or off your coffee table. Sure this might […]

Increased Safety Measures at
Hudson Medical + Wellness

We will continue to focus on delivering care at the highest safety standards. We remain dedicated to serving our patients and our community. During these times we have implemented new protocols and safety and cleaning measures, here are some things you should know before your appointment:  Appointment times will be limited as we will be […]

Chiropractic Care for Stress During the Holidays

For most, the holiday season cheer does not come without its fair share of stress. The holidays are when all the little stressors of life culminate into one big mess; finances, family, relationships, work, eating (too much), exercise (or lack thereof!). 7 Ways that chiropractic helps you manage your Holiday stress and life stress in […]

5 Steps to Reduce Chronic Pain Naturally

What is inflammation? We’ve all heard the familiar word inflammation and how it’s the secret source of most chronic disease – which stems from low-grade levels of hidden inflammation. The truth is, our bodies actually need inflammation (seems to be sort of a catch-22, right?). Acute inflammation, categorized by its protective effects and role in […]